Help - Frequently Asked Question's

What is efyads?

  • efyads is the UAE's free classified website for buying, and selling, exchanging and communicating to other users.

Is efyads FREE?

  • Yes. Its free

Do I have to register to post Ad in efyads?

  • Yes. You have to register in efyads to post your Ads.

How to register in efyads?

  • Registration at efyads is FREE and the process is very simple
  • Click on "Signup" button and you will be asked to provide your basic information.
  • You are now registered at efyads!
  • EFYADS will send a confirmation message with your login and password information to your email address.
  • Once you have an efyads account, you can manage your postings and personal information even easier through the 'My efyads' section of the site.

How do I post an item at efyads?

  • Click on the "Post Free Ad" button.
  • If you already have an efyads account, simply login and follow the process.
  • Posting at efyads is FREE

How long will my posting appear on efyads?

  • Ads Posed on efyads do not expire. You are the responsibility to delete your Ad once you no longer need to advertise it.

How do I delete my posting in efyads?

  • If your item sells or you simply decide to remove it, you can end your Ad in the 'Active Ads Management' option in the 'Accounts' section of the site. Click the 'Delete' button on the right of the ad you wish to delete.

How do I share an Ad on Facebook, Twitter and google+

  • After open the Ad, look below the Ad text. There is a share options with the social networks logo, you can click on to share your ad; Facebook, Twitter and google+.

We are a real estate company. Do you accept xml feed from our CRM

  • Yes. We accept xml feed. Our support team will update it every 24 hours